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It is a family business which is first founded in 1937by the grandfather M.E. Shaheen and is then born again under the brand name of Shaheen café which is specialized in Turkish coffee production. This new born event done by Dr. Ahmed Shaheen who represent the Family 3rd generation.
The secret of supplying the highest quality of convenient roasted and/or ground coffee blends lies in the lenient treatment of the product through the entire process of production ,permanent investment in new technologies as well as the constant studying the taste preference of coffee lovers
In fact, Shaheen uses it’s 70 years experience in the roasting coffee business as a tool to reach and maintain it’s product high quality.
0ur goal is to maintain our leading position through product research and development to supply several blends of Turkish coffee, espresso and filter rand tailor made blends which enable our customer to enjoy more option of products, flavors, packages.