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Turkish Coffee

Enjoy our magnificent coffee your way:

1- First the water is brouht to a boil in the kettle, then add 11/4 spone of coffee and suger to tast, stir. 2- Return the ketle to the fire until it begns to foam. 3- At this poin a bit of the... Read More


Espresso is made by forcing hot water through finely ground, dark-roasted coffee beans. It has one-half the water and twice the coffee as regular drip coffee. Comes in Single (Espresso Solo) or Double (Espresso Doppio) Shots. A single espresso shot... Read More

Espresso Doppio

Doppio—Italian for "Double"—is a double (2 US fluid ounces) shot of espresso. Read More


Ristretto—"restricted" in Italian—is a very "short" shot of espresso. Originally this meant pulling a hand press faster than usual using the same amount of water as a regular shot of espresso. Since the water came in contact with the grinds for a... Read More

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